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Professional Self Defence

Professional Self Defence

Professional Self-Defence offers a wide range of programs in the field of martial arts instruction. Safety and respect are the guidelines for how members of PSD are treated and how the members are required to treat each other. PSD is well known as a place where people of varying ages and different levels of athleticism can be comfortable and feel safe while acquiring quality martial arts skills. Our goal is to provide our students with the many benefits of that martial arts training should include:

  1. Self defense skills
    You will learn to defend yourself from almost any conceivable situation through the study of the lessons that we teach.
  2. Physical fitness
    The study of martial arts includes strengthening your body in preparation for a situation where you may need to defend yourself. Our workouts are designed to be extremely difficult yet we are able to modify our exercises to accommodate people of all ages and varying levels of fitness. If you haven’t worked out for a while and are intimidated by the thought of some grueling training regimen, do not worry, we will start you from your level and you will soon be doing things you never thought possible. If you are very fit and looking for a challenge then watch out because you will get your wish!
  3. Increased confidence, focus, courage, discipline and self-control

Martial arts study is fun yet challenging to both your body and mind. The successes you enjoy in training will positively affect your self-concept even after a short period. You will push your boundaries in the dojo and leave with more confidence in yourself as a result. Like any achievement in life, the work required to become proficient in martial arts is as difficult as it is rewarding. It will require that you focus on the task at hand and overcome your inhibitions about training that may seem a little intimidating at first. Once you prove to yourself that what you once thought was impossible is in fact possible, you will react with greater poise and self-confidence to all difficult situations you may encounter.


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