Meet Our Team!


David Jaenen – Owner

Auto Jansz – Program Director

Geoff Stewart – Program Director



David Jaenen – 4th Degree Black Belt

Steven Machtmes – 3rd Degree Black Belt

Through 16 years of training at PSD, Steve has attained the rank of Sandan. He has been sharing his experience with our students as an instructor for over 10 years. Steve enjoys participating in Race Running Adventure Competitions like Tough Mudder.

Jacolby Giuseppini – 4rd Degree Black Belt

Jenny Davies – 1st Degree Black Belt

Thom Campbell – 1st Degree Black Belt

Thom has been training in Kenpo since 2005, starting at the age of 12. He has been teaching at the dojo for over 7 years instructing both youth and adults. He has competed in both the Western Canadian Martial Arts Competition as well as the Tiger Balm Internationals in both the under belt and black belt categories for kickboxing and traditional forms.

Drew Ellis – 1st Brown Belt

Auto Jansz – 3rd Degree Brown Belt

Auto started training in Shotokan at Midwest Karate in Winnipeg under Sensei Jerry Marr. After moving to Victoria in 1998, continued training in Shotokan and Kickboxing with Stan Peterec. Since 2010 Auto has trained in Kenpo at PSD and has reached the level of Sankyu. Auto enjoys music of all genres and has toured internationally.

Instructor Bios and Photos to follow soon!