Frequently Asked Questions

Is training in martial arts dangerous?

The training we provide is safe and fun for people of all ages and fitness levels. Remember that you get to choose a program you are comfortable with. Our group classes are run in a format that anybody can participate in and during private instruction you will be in the hands of very capable instructors who have been taught how to keep you safe.

How do I get started?

First, call or drop in to set up a free half-hour Private Lesson. We offer this as a chance for you to interview us by testing first hand the one-on-one instruction we provide. In this class you will learn some basic escapes, control, and injury techniques. After you have completed your first private lesson you are ready to be introduced into yourfree Group Class.

How do continue on after the introductory offer?

This actually depends on you, your aims in wanting to learn and how extensively you want to train. Therefore, the cost is dependent on the type of program that you select. We offer special family rates where one adult member of the family pays and the rest study with them free. In other words, we let the students set their own goals in regards to training and the cost is dependent of that goal. However, for Self Defence we recommend a year to acquire a good working knowledge that will enable you to handle yourself in practically any situation. Most of our students continue with us beyond the one-year point because of the fun and fitness that they get from their training.

Will I have to sign a long term contract?

Absolutely not! At PSD you can pay as far ahead as you wish or you can pay per visit to both group classes and private lessons. The standard at our school is monthly memberships but due to the variety in people’s schedules and financial situations we provide options to suit the needs of everybody.

When can I start?

If you are serious – today! Since we are limited in time and space, we only accept new students on an appointment basis. Therefore, in order to ensure a place for you in our school, it is advised that you make your decision as soon as possible.