About Professional Self Defence

About Professional Self Defence

Professional Self Defence has been serving the Greater Victoria area since 1992, and we have evolved into one of Victoria’s oldest and most respected schools of self defence. The longevity of our school speaks to the quality of instruction that we provide. We provide a vehicle for people of all ages to realize their full potential, get strong, be confident, get into great shape, make friends, and learn self-defense … while having fun.

Our Classes

PSD offers group classes and specializes in private instruction. Students can use either venues for study or can enjoy a combination of the two under one fee. The difference is that private instruction teaches students one-on-one at their own pace, and students choose lesson times that fit their schedule.  Due to this personalized approach, the finer details and basics of techniques are learned and ingrained 7-17 times faster in the body than in group classes alone. Not only do we specialize in self-defence but our programs have helped many of our students reach high levels of physical fitness. Students become fitter faster with unlimited access to group classes all under one fee.

Family Rate

Among the various plans you can choose for your membership is our family rate. Under this special offer, a family can save money by take their private lessons together. This is a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children while leaning a skill that will continue to benefit them for a lifetime.